Outside of NYC, Chicago is the city I frequent the most. Like NY, the local cuisine is usually the reason for my visit. But this time around, a new restaurant opening didn’t drive the trip to Chicago. It was actually much more special than that- I brought my parents with me. They’re usually the first to know about all of my trips and adventures so I was excited they were beside me to experience it rather than hear about it. My little brother couldn't make this trip so I dedicate this photoset to him.


There was a moment on this trip that made me all warm and tingly on the inside. No, it wasn’t the delicious food we ate. Nor was it catching up with old friends. You see, my parents haven’t traveled much.  They're what you would call “home bodies”. Well, at the tail end of our trip, they turned to me and asked, “When are you going back to Japan? Do you want to come with us to the Holy Land? Come with us to Seattle and Vancouver next year!”


Get the bug spray out. It looks like they've been bitten.