When I booked my trip to San Diego for my cousins wedding two thoughts bounced around in my head. One, it's Mother's Day Weekend. And two, I wanted to take my parents somewhere outside of San Diego. 

As part of my weekly activity, I navigated to Google Maps and let my mind wander. I'm really at peace when I run through this exercise. Thinking of my next destination, my next trip, my next adventure.

Looking down at my computer screen, the words "Joshua Tree National Park" shinned bright at me like a car just finishing its application of wax. I called my parents and told them "We're going hiking on Mother's day!"

I've hiked many trails. Prior to our visit, my parents had hiked 0 times. I knew we were in for an experience when I picked up parents, looked down and saw the flip flops on my dad's feet. 

I'd like to camp here one day. Watching the sun set behind the mountain ridge would be worth the encounter with a coyotes. (On second thought...)

The dominant geologic features of this landscape are hills of bare rock, usually broken up into loose boulders. I jumped, skipped and climbed a few. Then I sat back and watched the professional rock climbers do their thing.

A Mother's Day I'll never forget. I think my parents secretly had a great time exploring the outdoors. The only thing missing from the day was my brother as he didn't make the trip.

Maybe next year we'll make it to Zion or the Arches in Utah. And next time, I'll make sure my dad leaves his flip flops at home.