This last trip was originally planned as a solo trip but I'm glad it didn't end up that way. And I'll tell you why.  

My streak of consecutive months on a plane, both near and far, has pushed to 31 months and counting. And through this time, I've packed my bags and moseyed my way along. Sometimes with friends. Sometimes alone. As an introvert and someone who uses that time for self-reflection, I've learned so much about myself while on the road. The things that drive me. What upsets me. All of this and much, much more. 

The one constant I tell others is that it's not easy to find people you travel REALLY well with. But during these last 2.5 years, I've found some really genuine people and a group of guys who I've connected with on so many levels. A group of two or three has grown to a roster that could field two baseball teams. Longtime friends, newly introduced friends. It doesn't matter. When you get the right mix of people together things just seem to work themselves out. Ron said it best, "we came as friends, left as brothers." Les, Jcue, Teddy, Bendan, Rene, Scott, Kam, E, Willy, Edric, Miles, Tone, Nicolo, Pio, Ryan, Twist, Ron. You're my guys. I look forward to building on these relationships and making more memories with you and everyone else who wants to join the fun. 

Let's share stories, meet more travelers, eat good food and cheers, to life.