I've been to New York twice to celebrate my birthday. The first time was spent in Montauk a few years back. The second was this weekend. But this time in the opposite direction- two hours Northwest of the city in the Catskills Mountains. 

Both Travel + Leisure and the New York Times voted the Catskill Mountains are one of the top 50 places in the world to visit in 2015. And after spending a weekend there, I definitely understand why.

Home for the weekend. The Graham & Co. Beers upon check-in. Bunk beds, bikes and communal spaces that turned strangers into friends. 

I know I say this often but this string of words are perfect for each other:

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey.

The idea of traveling is amazing and it brings me so much joy to see a landmark for the first time. But when you leave a country, city, town (even an adult summer camp) after having hours of conversations with people you just met- exchanging stories, life experiences and even answering questions like "What would you do with $1M dollars?"- that's what I'll remember and hold close in my memory bank.

This trip was no different. The destination was just the background/the setting for what was a weekend of laughing, oOOoing, and AwwWWing over shared conversations. And strangers we are no longer.  This blog post is dedicated to the Ilya, Lisa, Gen and Hallie. And of course, my closest friend, Mr. Marathon Man himself, Justin.

2016 reunion anyone???