It all started in Mykonos.

A short one hour flight from Istanbul, Mykonos was the first stop on this three city tour in Greece. If you've ever been to the Greek Islands you know how picturesque it is. Around every corner, every bend, is a view worth printing on a postcard. To this day, I'm still debating on whether the color of Mediterranean Sea is brighter than the splashes of blue paint scattered throughout town.

Two evenings were spent watching the sunset from the iconic Mykonos windmills. People gathered atop the mountain side taking pictures (and selfies galore) as the natural light glistened the tanned skin and happy faces. 

And then there was Santorini, where there was much of the same, but different. It's a lot more laid back compared to the party scene in Mykonos. But the views and sunsets were, believe it or not, much more stunning. 

ATVs were the transportation method of choice, hitting speeds up to 85 km/h. Stationed in Fira and mobbing to Oia, Akrotiri, Red Beach and the Santo Winery. Oh, and if you're ever in town do make your way to Salt & Pepper for an amazing meal prepared by a husband and wife team.

And it ended in Athens. 

Three days in Athens is more than enough time to visit and explore the Acropolis. I remember standing there, just thinking about the life of these stones, rocks and structures, and how it's such an amazing sight and feeling to be a in the in the middle of so much rich history.

ATVs. Beaches. Sunsets. Beautiful people. Long days and long nights. Warm air. Sun-kissed skin. Wine tasting. Gyros for 3 euro. And my new favorite dessert (okay, a tie with tres leches)! Greece you are beautiful and you know have a very special place in my travel soul.