Driving along the countryside in Iceland is like no other. The greenest of fields with snow capped mountains at a distance. Majestic waterfalls that take your breadth away as each drop of water hits the ground floor. Wild horses everywhere. Sheep and lamb. Hundreds of bird species chirping away at each meadow. It really was an explorers dream.

And it wasn't only mother nature that provided the beauty. The man-made fixtures were a great compliment to natures creations. the architecture captured that mid-century modern, Scandinavian design.

The sports world was another element that brought excitement to this journey far north. I was one of thousands of people that came together to watch the Iceland vs France Euro Cup match in downtown Reykjavik. It was a great experience to be there in the heart of it all.  Back home, in the NBA, superstar free agent Kevin Durant provided early fireworks to the 4th of July by announcing his decision to join the Golden State Warriors. Icelandic sports fans were shocked, and excited, by the Durant news. You know, traveling has taught me so many life lessons- one being that no matter language you speak there are certain things that connect people, bring people together. Food and music being the obvious. Sports being another.

Iceland, thank you for being you. Stay magical, stay beautiful. Looking forward to my return visit. Your 24 hour days of sunlight caught my attention and everything that you offer has my heart.