1 country. 3 regions. 3 states. 3 cities. Guadalajara, Jalisco. Todos Santos, Baja Sur. Tulum, Quintana Roo.


Unlike my other trips across the border, this time, I took my family with me- my parents and my uncle. I wanted them to see why I kept coming back. Show them why I feel just as comfortable in Mexico as I do in the States. And I wanted to show them another country not named the Philippines. I realize that Guadalajara isn't your typical first travel destination in Mexico, but direct flights from SFO were so cheap ($198USD), that they didn't have a choice. It was a trip planned around eating at certain restaurants, trying local dishes, drinking coffee, and day trips to the birth place of Tequila and the artisan town of Tlaquepaque. 

It's always fun and exciting when I travel and explore a new city. But there's something about traveling with family. You see, growing up, we didn't go on family vacations. We couldn't. We couldn't afford it. My parents worked tirelessly to put my brother and I through private school, and because of that, we didn't have the means to travel. Today, I have the ability to give back to my parents and share my passion with them. And to be with my mom as she would visit different churches, to have my dad with me while we're eating local dishes and having my uncle around- straight borracho at a mariachi bar- put the biggest smile on my face.



Escape the cold and rainy winter in SF. That was the plan. A week before Christmas, my friend Teddy and I spent a weekend in Todos Santos, a sleepy little town, an hour north of Cabo. The goal for this trip was plain and simple. Hang out at the beach and tan. Runaway from the rain. Lay on the beach. Eat Tacos. One, two, three. And selfishly, I wanted some color before leaving for Australia the week after. If you haven't figured it out already, I LOVE being tan. I'm probably one of the few Filipinos who embraces a darker brown color.

Lesson number one when traveling to Todos Santos: rent a car. We made the mistake of hiring a private driver (which was awesome) but we spent 4x more than we needed. Our car rides were comfortable but probably not necessary. Lesson number two: have all your meals, or almost all, at Taco El Poblano. Here you'll find the best tacos in town. We ate there 4 times in three days. Damn those were tacos good.



The ever so, Instagram worthy, Tulum. Blah blah blah. Everyone and their mama, has heard so much about this place. And more so over the last 5 years. Travel and fashion bloggers visit often and friends followed suit. There's so much hype for this place. And after visiting, I know why. It's pretty fuckin' awesome. The white sand beaches. The turquoise blue water. The centotes. The AMAZING restaurants. I mean this place has it all. I even visited Chicen Itza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World #selfietime. I'm coming back, I'm definitely coming back. Probably with Teddy. Probably to escape the cold and rainy weather in SF. See a trend?

And a shoutout to Marina and Tom for having your wedding here. I had an amazing time seeing old faces and making memories with new ones.

Next up, Oaxaca. Can't stop, won't stop.